Peugeot gas leak

Peugeot 1972 (I think) leaks gas. It seems to leak out the back of the carb. I have replaced gas lines and looked at float pin. I am an OK mechanic but not a pro so the fact I checked these things in no way rules them out.

What do I do? The whole tank will leak out in a day or so (I park in in a plastic bucket).


Re: Peugeot gas leak

The carb my be corroded inside or there is a line that you missed that isn't attached or has a hole in it.


Re: Peugeot gas leak


My Peugeot carbs sometimes leak. I've cleaned them many times. I found that <i>very</i> gently sanding the point on the float (two or three strokes with sandpaper) and <i>gently</i> tapping the float into the lid of the float bowl (where the point interfaces with the fuel connection) can help.

Sadly, I've never been able to get the peds to not drip 100% of the time. They behave maybe 95% of the time. I just shot off the petcock if I'm going to be leaving the ped unattended for more than an hour.


Re: Peugeot gas leak

Matt Wilson /

I had the same problem with my peugeot.

I replaced the gurtner carb with a dellorto carb manifold and air filter. It cost 70 euros at If the moped works well otherwise it is a worthwhile upgrade, because the carburator jets are cheaper and easier to find.


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