1000+ sheep...wow!

...this is freakish,...no, it'snot another incoherent thought from vapor....(i will soon be that ,..sometime in aug.)..And if some posters here can't follow this, go get help for the A.D.D. disorder. They do have out patient programs for that, in this fair country. Now, i've read a few new posts lately and have seen some "aftershocks" in the text, AND THAT'S A GOOD THING! ..buTT, it is quite odd that the "hitters" slammed , and all the rest followed..... i have a bit of insomnia, ....damn meth.....so, i looked at some ppls. pix here, ..and your all look'n' tough..(a hell of a pose) , .. , forget the peds, and get a paco framed, kustom hardtail,toss a evo in it, and throw a springer front end on it, with some fishtails and the "must have" clear plug wire/s(: tAp the juice with some non-tomos wiring and you're set!!.. At least you'll be looking the part. Butt, you 'll haveta lose those big black "cages" around your i's. And put some forward kon-trolls on it azz well....so, what no one knows about sach's carbs.?..or is it vapor locked?....

Re: 1000+ sheep...wow!


Re: 1000+ sheep...wow!

that's what i was thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT.......

Re: 1000+ sheep...wow!


that's a recipe for building a chopper.

get some sleep vapor.

Re: 1000+ sheep...wow!

what in the hell was that?

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