Motobecane fork lock replacement

On a Motobecane 50V (and other models I assume) there is a lock in the front forks that prevent them from being turned if locked. I have two of this mopeds, one with a broken lock from theft and one with a good lock but no key.

I know that they sell replacement locks with keys - has anyone ever installed one of these? If so, how did you remove the previous lock from the front forks?

Also, does anyone know if a replacement key can be made for such a lock without the original key? I personally have no experience with lock-smithing and am not sure if this is possible.


Re: Motobecane fork lock replacement

you cant remove the locks without the key. i have some nos peugeot locks and keys if you would like to try one in the motobecane, i think that they will work. you would have to drill the old locks out of the bracket that they are in, which wouldnt be too hard since they are brass.

Re: Motobecane fork lock replacement

call around to a locksmith, they can make a key for you, if they have the proper blank. They will(or at least should) also know how to remove and replace the lock without damaging it.

Re: Motobecane fork lock replacement

Hi Simon. The pin in them locks is only brass, which is pretty soft. I knocked mine out with a punch, w/ no damage to the bike. just make sure you knock it out from bottom to top. Picking them locks is also pretty easy also, do some research on lock picking and you can probably get it out like that also.

Re: Motobecane fork lock replacement

Simon, check out scouter therapy from above post. iv'e got parts there and pretty good and fast.Lot of Motobecane.......Dan

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