can you drive a moped on the side walk? do you..

i was wondering if its legal to drive a moped on the side walk or if a license is required. im hoping to fix up a 79 floozie i found. i still dont have my license. let me know.

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Re: can you drive a moped on the side walk? do you

Moped laws vary state to state. It would be best to check with your local secretary of state about what the laws are in your area. However, I think that it's illegal to ride a moped on the sidewalk everywhere. They are motor vehicles, designed for road use.


Re: can you drive a moped on the side walk? do you

wow, Ham- putting pictures of that Floozy all over this site-you dirty li'l SOB ;)

I only ride on the sidewalk to get to the crosswalk button, and only iff I want the light to change faster.


Wow, great name for a moped.

I ride on the sidewalk from time to time, like going up a steep hill where I'd stop traffic in the road, but Simon's comments were correct about probably being illegal.

Re: can you drive a moped on the side walk? do you

Hey Ham:

I've yet to hear of a place where riding a moped on a sidewalk is legal. Most places it's illegal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk too, but that doesn't stop many people.

Where I live, where mopeds are plated, I would never risk it --too tempting for the police I think.

Just stick to the road and bicycle lanes (not the same as bicycle paths) and tough it out.


Re: can you drive a moped on the side walk? do you

Dave Gregory /

lol i dont think its legal for you to ride on the sidewalk, and you dont need a ''real'' liscense, just a learners permit. i dont have either of only 14 but i obey the laws (when theres no cops near) so they dont say anything, most of the cops around hear know me and know that i drive a moped....but still they have better things to worry about...and most of the police dont even know the laws about mopeds. i asked a few cops about some of the laws and only 2 knew some of them.


---feels good 2 be posting again

Re: can you drive a moped on the side walk? do you

it's illegal to ride on the sidewalk. but you can in a pinch (using it like part of the driveway).

but a moped is a motor vehicle. you should stick to the roads. take a whole lane. you deserve it.

Re: can you drive a moped on the side walk? do you

i post pictures of the bike everywhere hoping someone knows more on it. hoping i can find a connect to get it running again. thats all. i really want it running..

angry suv drives will love you

flannelman /

yes take a whole lane up going up hill . the angry suv drive behind you doesnt mind with there super ego . when there useing all that collorful language you can just say hey i deserve it ,so you move out of my way and why your at it honk at them and say let go.

hhhmmmm i never see a moped pancake before

Sachs moped seats on EBay

Also Try Bill's mopeds and see if he has a Sachs 505 carb and an engine that turns. Tell him you have a limited budget.

If you don't have a job and limited funds I would suggest getting a job. The differnce between a dream and a goal is a plan. My old Granma used to tell me "wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up the fastest"

You got most of the bike Dude all you need is a tank, an engine, carb, seat and maybe a few odds and ends.

Re: Sachs moped seats on EBay

Thanks're really helping me a lot with this. I emailed Bill...Im hoping he has what I need for a good price. Have you ever ordered from him? I wish I could go over there...they have so much. I could probably pick up and more decent bike over there..

Re: angry suv drives will love you

i dont know the laws where u are...but in most places u need 2 ride 3 feet from the side of the road, thats obviosly not in residential areas.....


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