Pedal/kickstart swap

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Is it possible for a moped with pedals to take off one of the pedal legs and make the other sides pedal into a kickstart? Or somthing similar to turn a pedal setup into a kickstart without actually putting a kickstart on (in ohio you must have pedals.)

And does anyone know the pedal law good enough to answer this question:

Is there some kind of loophole to the law, like taking off the pedals, but keeping the pedal legs on? Would that be legal.

Basically what I am saying is, I would love to have a kickstart, but ohio says you need pedals. (like you would run out of gas with a 30 mile reserve :-P )

Oh, and is their anyway you can get moped pedals to "lock" into place? Once the bike is started. (As in, are there any kits I could buy, or do it at home techniques.)

Re: Pedal/kickstart swap

As far as I know you would have to massively modify your tranny box to incorporate a kick start. It involves a pall, or a one-way ratcheting mechanism which engages when you kick the lever down. This engages and turns the crank on the motor. On a ped the pedals arent connected to the crank at all, so the question is not can you swap pedals for a kick start but why bother? If youre going to go through the trouble of doing that then just leave the pedals there and secure them in place. The easiest thing to do would be to find a motorcycle tranny with a kickstart and try to adapt your piston/cylinder to it. Lots of trouble! If you do try it then make sure you get your machine work done by tool and die makers, not automotive machine shop guys. Its only 20$ an hour that way....

How would I lock the pedals

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How can I lock the pedals on a ped. Is their a kit or, do any of you have some home made jimmy rig that does it.

Re: Pedal/kickstart swap

.... unless you spliced in an engine/tranny from a kickstart ped...... and left the pedals on. Tricky.... anyway

Re: Pedal/kickstart swap

I have a gerelli super sport moped with a handlebar mounted clutch. Im taking both my pedal arms off, I hate peddles. I bought a set of superbike foot pegs from lockhart phillips to put on. I live in Pa and they require peddles. I run with the bike pull the clutch in and it fire right up, jut like a gp racing bike!!! My suggestion if u really want to keep the 1 peddle arm like a kick start. the the peddle arm 3/4 the way up. tap it with threads and place a bolt to hod the to ends together. this will allow the peddle to be folded up after use. u could use a spring to hold it there, and it will only cost 20 bucks tops. go to home depot or lowes they ave the stuff. eail me if u need any help

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