Tomos head light !?

I have a new TOMOS TARGA LX, only 800km .

The head light stop work ??

My LOW BEAM burn ....

Now i can drive just with the HI BEAM !!!

I open the beam and inside is a bulb, i try to find the number!

Do you think i can buy this bulb in auto parts store ?

Tomos owner, do you have electric problem with your TOMOS ?

bYe !



Re: Tomos head light !?

Jamie Leonard /

It likely isn't an electrical problem per se, the bulb has two filaments (one for high beam, one for low) - so you can easily burn out the low beam filament. (It tends to go first... had some headlight problems and ended up blowing the low beam on 2 different bulbs actually because of a broken wire.... shorted it out) New bulb will fix it up, but no harm meanwhile riding with hi beams... won't hurt the bike any.

As for auto parts stores... I'm no expect by any means, but I'd be surprised to find the headlight bulb in one (but several moped stores should have it, and it should be a relatively cheap shipping and ordering item) - auto parts stores would have compatible turn signal bulbs usually however if you ever burn out one of those.

Re: Tomos head light !?

Bulb's 12$ each here, I'm on #7 for the year....anyone know where I can get a sealed beam headlight that fits?

Re: Tomos head light !?

Try to limit the vibration..... I've been told the vibration is the more likely cause than electrical problems.

dampen the vibration--see if that helps

Re: Tomos head light !?

Matt Wilson /

Vermi go here to download a sheet that has all bulb numbers on it. Find your bulb shape, the wattage it runs at, and the proper voltage. Then with the bulb number you can call around auto shops until someone has one or will order you one.

Its a big file but well worth it!


Re: Tomos head light !?


Auto parts won`t have that bulb. Ihave them for $3.00 + $3.50 priority mail. I know the shipping is "steep", but thats not my fault.



Re: Tomos head light !?

Thank's all !!!!

I find one in MONTR

Re: Tomos head light !?

Jamie Leonard /

Keep your old high beam only bulb as a spare just in case. Never hurts to have something that'll work tucked away on the bike (I generally keep one of mine with the high beam only tucked in my luggage box and so far it's saved me a VERY dangerous nighttime ride at least once. )

Re: Tomos head light !?

Yes i know !!!

The HI-BEAM work , so i keep whit me ....

I check the bulb the dealer sold to me yesterday, it was a 35w 35w !

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