moped is running

after months of working on my 1980 pa50 i finally got it running, and it runs real good, now me and my dad can go riding together me on my pa50 and him on his 1970 motobecane its the best. I got my ped working well by simply useing duck tape, i covered half of the air intake out of couriosity and peddled and away she went (why does it run perfect when i cover the air intake??

Re: moped is running

There are 2 possible reasons that it only runs good with half of the intake closed off. Either you have an air leak between the carb and engine, causing a lean condition, or the carb is adjusted too lean or the main jet is partially plugged. If it normally runs bad at one-half to full throttle without the tape, it is probably the main jet plugged or too small.

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