Piston & Cylinder Cleaning...

Does someone know the correct way to de-carbonize a 2- stroke piston head. Also, Ilve heard that you should use steelwool to resurface the inside of a cylinder before putting in new piston rings. Is this advisable, or am I asking for trouble if I try it?

Re: Piston & Cylinder Cleaning...

As for the head cleaning, I sand blast it at my work. And they cyclender...iv never heard of using steel wool. I wouldnt recomend that. I do it at home with a ball hone.

Trac Man

Butter knife.

I find an old metal butter knife works best .. you just scrape out the carbon with it .. the butter knife is good because its stiff enough to scrape off the carbon .. but its not sharp enough to dig into the aluminum .. and the curved edge lets you match the contours.

I wouldn't sandblast it unless you can protect the head sealing surface so it doesn't get sandblasted.

.. I never use steel wool in the cylinder .. but I might use some 600 grit sandpaper and sand it .. side-to-side .. not up-and-down .. if I feel like the bore is too shiny.

.. if you do use anything on the bore (its not usually necessary)... then make sure you clean it real good with solvent or brake clean (clean it twice... and clean ALL ports and holes .. not just the bore .. CLEAN IT GOOD )

Re: Butter knife.

Thanks Fred, As you suggested, I'll use a butterknife for the piston cleaning and I'll most likely let the cylinder sanding go. which you seem to suggest also. It's not all that bad as far as I can tell. Eventually, I would like to put a 70 cc performance kit on anyway. Thanks again.

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