Who remembers "Moped Palace" in NJ?

I just remembered the name of the moped shop that I bought my Garelli from back in 1978. It was called "Moped Palace" and was located in Summit, NJ (near the Springfield border). I can't remember the owner's name, but I remember his nephew's name....Rusty. Rusty assembled and serviced the mopeds.

Does anyone know what happened to Moped Palace? Back in the late '70's, Moped Palace was the Moped "Mecca" of NJ. I remember paying around $525 for my black & gold trimmed '78 Garelli LTD. It had alloy mag wheels and an oil injection system. It was definitely a moped "pimp" mobile.

Since subscribing to this cool website, a lot of good memories have been evoked over the past few days. Good times, good times....

Re: So what...

... is keeping you from getting another moped?

Bad news: You are never cured of the moped bug!


Re: So what...

Nothing, I presently own two mopeds....a '77 Motobecane and a '78 Snark Bianchi.

Re: Who remembers "Moped Palace" in NJ?

generallimitededition /

I have a moped palace sticker on my moped. It's where my aunt got it for my uncle, the when my uncle was done using the general, he gave it to me (even though i had to completely rebuild the engine and shine everything up real nice). I called there a while ago when i first got the moped, since the 80's or early 90's then changed their name to Cycle Palace or something like that...the guy on the phone said they only sell bicycles now, which kinda sucks.

Re: Who remembers "Moped Palace" in NJ?

gimmyjimmy /

When I got my General, it came with a brochure stating:

General Moped Co., Inc.

50 Oak St.

East Rutherford, NJ

They are out of business now, but they probably supplied Moped Palace with a lot of Generals.

Re: Who remembers "Moped Palace" in NJ?

In their heydey, the majority of Moped Manufacturers were headquartered in NJ and NY. That may explain their huge popularity in this area back in the '70's and '80's.

Re: Who remembers "Moped Palace" in NJ?

minutemade /

my honda 70 came from hayward honda in cali same place my dad had bought his 79 250 elsinore enduro.....like 30 years ago

Re: Who remembers "Moped Palace" in NJ?

the new moped palace is located in englishtown, nj... great prices and service

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