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I’ve heard that oven cleaner can take off spray paint if you let it sit for awhile and use a power washer to rinse it off, it may be worth a try on latex paint too if that’s what’s on that bike…good luck!

Re: Stolen: my sister’s JOY

Finished the Podcast about this story and yall HAVE TO listen to this.

Amazing story. sucks that this ever happened but at least it has a happier ending.

Re: Stolen: my sister’s JOY

Listened to the podcast… Glad to hear it all worked out… I am especially glad the fourm and moped committee came together and reunited the two of you…

I was not so lucky. But hey I’ll hold out some hope it’s been a little over a year.,4497717,4497717,flat=1#msg-4497717

I’m kinda curious… you didn’t mention it in your podcast….. what did your insurance company say after you recovered your moped since you no longer own it legally if the insurance company paid you out?

Re: Stolen: my sister’s JOY

Moped Partypizza /

We contacted the insurance company and purchased the title back from them as a salvage title.

Re: Stolen: my sister’s JOY

> scuitar rex wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I’m a professional at taking back joy.☝🏻

low level vibration light demon energy vampire

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