1979 Montgomery Ward Open Road

Kevin Hansen /

I'm looking at differentiating between model numbers of a 1979 Montgomery Ward (Columbia) Open Road.

According to Myrons Mopeds there are three different models for this year each with a different corresponding top speed.

The model on the moped itself is : ZDW57008A

This owners manual lists three model numbers, 57008, 57061 and 57062. How can I tell which is which speed?



Re: 1979 Montgomery Ward Open Road

Totally normal JBOT /

Post a picture

Re: 1979 Montgomery Ward Open Road

The difference between the 254 n 255 motor is theres a 3rd transfer on the 255.

Count our sprocket gears.

Re: 1979 Montgomery Ward Open Road

Eric Whatley /

Where did you find the model # on the bike? Guessing the speeds are low to high as listed by model # listing in owners guide and parts list to accommodate various speed restrictions throughout the United States. On the page 23 in the parts listing number 10 is the only part throughout the entire breakdown that varies for the three model numbers. I wonder if they restricted this bike via variation rather than constricting the motor.JBOT will probably have some more info on this. I have the same bike and stock I'm pretty sure it went close to 30 before I fuckered around with it.

Re: 1979 Montgomery Ward Open Road

Totally normal JBOT /

Yeah the bushing in my vari limited travel before I shaved it down as far as it could go and still function. Idk which “speed” it was but it doesn’t matter if you make it a faster speed by modification

Cast iron variators. So weird..so loud.

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