grande cyl head

I'm thinking about cleaning the cylinder head on my grande, because the decompression valve is sticky, but I can't find a torque wrench that will properly measure 7.5 pounds (for reattaching). I'm also assuming that's FOOT pounds and not INCH pounds.

Also, what should I use to clean it? Engine degreaser? And what about the cylinder?


Re: grande cyl head

If you are going to pull the cylinder you have to remove the engine.

Sure, you can get the cylinder off, but reinstalling it correctly will be nearly impossible. That's how my junker Grande was ruined. It came with the engine installed, but top end gone. Rain got into the lower end, you can guess the rest.

Removing the head by itself can be done provided the cylinder isn't disturbed. If your're talking about just cleaning the outside of the head where all the decompressor goop collects, leave it on and spray it with carb spray. That's what I do wIth mine.

Get a manual and learn how to remove and reinstall the engine. It's basically easy. I pull mine in 20 minutes. Reinstall takes slightly longer because you have to hook up the wires and cables correctly.


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