Supersport stuck in accelerate

On my new supersport, when i hold the throttle it accelerates fine but when i let go, it acts as though i set it in cruise control. It is weird. Garret you have a new one too, can you recommend what to do, or what is wrong?

To the helmet subject, i just got the new Najan helmet, with the front face mask that lifts up with the quick click button (instead of using 2 fingers, you can use one while still cruising to flip the front face.):) I got it for $215.00

Also when the chain gets loose after the first hour 1/2, and when you have to adjust the back tire nuts, how can you tell if it is nice and even , ( the tire calibration with the chain)

Re: Supersport stuck in accelerate

my throttle stick a little too. I just ignore it. usually this happens because the carb is attached crooked, or wrong, making the throttle cable stick. my throttle sticks because of the polini kit, which moved the carb over.

Re: Supersport stuck in accelerate

correstion it is a NOLAN helmet

Re: Supersport stuck in accelerate

I like the "cruise contral" effect that I get on my Grande's throttle. My hand gets numb after a while, and it really helps out.

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