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I got a free speedometer check today, curtesy of the NY State Police. They set up an electronic speed monitor just down the street yesterday, and when I hit it today I made sure I was reading exactly 40 mph on the clock. The machine said I was doing 39, so I was pleased to see the cheap little mechanical speedometer was only off by a little more than 2%...Ken D

Re: Free speed check

Kevin Harrell /

I did the same thing on my bicycle. My spedomiter was right on the money. I just happened across the radar equiped sign and saw that the sign regestred the same speed my spedomiter was registering. It really suprized me that the radar unit in the sign was sensitive enough to pick up a bicycle.

Re: Free speed check

those radar units are pretty sensitive. at soccer tournaments, they have those set up to see how fast you can kick the ball :)

Re: Free speed check

.. me too ... I went past one of those radar units here tonite and my Suzuki FA50 registered at 24 or 25 while my apeedo was reading 26mph.

So the FA is 1 or 2mph high at that speed.

The neighborhood Targa's speedo reads the same as the FA.

I haven't done a side-by-side with the PA50 and the Targa yet.

Re: Free speed check

david f martin /

Are you running stock tires? What's your tire pressure? That could account for some discrepancy.


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