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So I have this bike shown here mongoose hondo 26x3 and I'm wanting to put an 2 stroke or 4 stroke gas engine kit on it anyone have any pictures with a kit on this bike ? Any ideas?


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Bike frames are not made for engines. Bad idea bro

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Sell it and get an e-bike if you want to go that route.

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I don't think that frame design would have enough room for an engine anyway.

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Maybe ad a Bike Bug motor .

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definitely need to define your budget and goals and you can decide what's feasible. This is not a site for motorized bikes tho.

try and much lower action but also

There are some tricks to making them more reliable but without spending at least a few hundred they're quite unreliable. On speed you can pack a 30mph battery setup into there with probably 15 mi range for something on the order of 6-800 bucks, but no gas & oil costs, cleaner and much better reliability.

For gas, bikeberry's a dominant vendor, I'd tryn find one with an automatic clutch so it can idle. Then probably be prepared to wreck the frame, weld the chain tensioner or avoid it entirely if possible

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Scottee doesn't know. /

never understood the thought process.

-------buy a 100$ bike from walmart.

----------make said bike go 40mph.

i guess if you knew who built these bikes and the components that went on them you'd be more afraid.

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I've built one of these, you're going to need more room in a bike frame. That bike won't take a 2-stroke or 4-stroke kit due to the size unfortunately.

And you didn't ask this, but those bike kits are horrible if you're not handy. Unreliable and need tuning out of the box.

Also, WFFF.

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> Scottee doesn't know. wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> never understood the thought process.


> -------buy a 100$ bike from walmart.


> ----------make said bike go 40mph.


> i guess if you knew who built these bikes and the components that went

> on them you'd be more afraid.

hey it's $250 from walmart!

they are not good tho.

and great point sean there's really almost no chance the kit motors would fit in that frame

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I had a newer mongoose that had an 80cc engine on it, it was done by the prior owner. The bike was actually great for the engine conversion since it was newer and had big fat tires and disk brakes….it road and handled very good. My biggest complaint was the extreme vibration throughout the bike from the engine since the motor mounts had no rubber to dampen vibration. The exhaust was terrible as well, the muffler was way too small and was super loud. I got rid of the bike a couple years ago but if I had another I would modify the motor mounts and have a custom exhaust made with a bigger muffler and also route it out the side like a moped or motorcycle exhaust. Also be sure to keep up on maintenance on the bike itself, modern Mongoose bikes a junk so stuff is going to break and at a faster pace with the engine because you’ll put way more miles on it then you would if pedaling it yourself. (edited)

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this was the 1st one I did, this topic comes up about once a year and i repost each time haha.

the clutches were awful, and it's manual clutch 1 speed. so you need a dual pull for the brakes on the right in order to have a clutch on left, and you're holding the clutch the whole time you're idling. so highly recommend and automatic clutch. makes all those issues less.

Also the chain tensioners get yanked into the rear wheel, like regularly. they're awful. if you can manage something to tension the chain without the roller tensioner, you're way better off

they do vibrate like crazy. Some opportunity to reduce that with dampers under the clamps but really it's just a crazy imbalanced engine. they're like zero QC, they just wing it. I fully expect the engine and mounts will fail before the bike tho.

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that thing later got a tall pipe that went up under the seat, it was quieter faster and better mounted.

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I feel like that mongoose would be better suited for an electric conversion. You can put the batters on a rack on the rear of the bike. And just replace the front wheel with the electric hub one and boom ebike that won't kill you or rattle you to death.

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