More Peugeot Problems

Matt Wilson /

Each time I post I am getting closer and closer to finishing this bike.

Right now I'm having some electrical problems.


Sometimes the bike rides great....up to 25 of 30mph

Other times it won't go above 10mph and sputters and seems like it is skipping some. It goes foward then dies then jumps again. IT seems like the spark plug isn't firing every time the pison reaches the top.

When this happens the bike can be hard to start....but it always will start, I just need to pedal a lot.

The peugeot 103 has 100lbs compression (kinda low, especially with new rings, but should be enough)

New carburator, its running a little rich, but want to buy anything else until I can fix this problem.

Clean carb, clean fuel.

These were my thoughts....

I haven't adjusted the points yet

Maybe I need a new condensor?

I'm going to follow rons advice:

"If you have a vom, check the ignition components as follows:

Disconect the wires from the points. One of these wires goes to the magneto ignition power coil. You should read a low resistance to ground on this wire, 1-2 ohms.

Another wire goes to the condensor, read this to ground on RXMAX, that is your highest resistance range, the needle should kick, then settle down to infinity. Reverse the vom leads, same thing should happen.

Another wire goes to the ignition coil primary, this connection is also connected to the kill switch. Disconnect the kill switch wire only from the ignition coil, the wire to the coil should read 1-2 ohms to ground.

From the wire to the kill switch, to ground, you should read infinity with the switch in "run" and 0 ohms with the switch in "stop".

Connect the vom from ground to the wire terminal on the points and make sure they are 0 ohms when closed and infinity when open. This seems dumb, but sometimes points that look clean do not connect.

Re-attach all of the wires to the points. Disconnect the wire from the points at the ignition coil. Measure this with the vom, it should read near 0 ohms. If your meter is sensitive enough, you should see a slight deflection of the pointer as the points open and close.

With the vom still attached and set to about 12v DC range, spin the motor by hand. You should see some deflection of the meter needle.

Pull your plug (spark, that is) and make sure the piston is at or very near the top of it's stroke when the points open.

Re-connect the coil wire. Measure from the plug cap to ground, you should read 5-15k ohms. If this is infinity, unscrew the plug cap from the wire and read through it. This should be 5-15k ohms, if it is open, replace it, if greater than 15k ohms, it may still work, but replace it with a paper clip for test starting then re-install it after you get the ped running.

Read from the end of the plug wire to ground through the coil, you should see 1-5k ohms. If this is infinity, the coil is bad.

Lastly, using the ohmsX1 scale, verify that all of the grounds really are.

None of these tests are guaranteed to indicate a problem, especially where you read coil resistances and they seem ok. Substitution is the best test here.

To test the coil, connect a spark plug from the plug wire to coil ground, connect an ignition condensor (any will do for this test) between the points terminal and coil ground. Connect the negative of a 6V battery to coil ground and touch the points terminal momentarily with the positive lead. This should give you a spark at the plug."

Re: More Peugeot Problems

Matt Wilson /

I've also heard that if you remove the flywheel on a peugeot that there is no way you can ever line it up as it was because there is no notch on the spindle.

Is this true? Has anyone ever had this problem?



Re: More Peugeot Problems

Chris Robertson /

Hi Matt:

I have yet to be able to remove a flywheel from any of my Peugeots. I took a torch to it, I tapped some holes and used a balance puller on it, I tried a hammer, I tried prying, eventually I borrowed the correct tool (flywheel puller) and it broke before the flywheel would budge!

According to the shop manual, the flywheel is not keyed because it's orientation relative to the crankshaft is one part of adjusting timing (the timing cam is part of the flywheel). <i>After</i> the flywheel has been adjusted you are <i>supposed</i> to adjust the points.

I gave up on ever getting my flywheel off, but I think I can safely assume that it hasn't gotten out-of-adjustment since I couldn't get it to move. I just hope the cam hasn't worn down out-of-spec.

I had a similar problem as what you describe with one of my 103s. I notice that sometimes when the moped is hot it becomes nearly impossible to start it again. The problem seemed to go away on its own, so I'm not sure what causes this.

If you find out what is wrong, please let me know, it could be useful information for future breakdowns...


Re: More Peugeot Problems

Chrs, you get the right tool and comes off real easy. i've had about nine or ten Peugots.i didn't go as far as you with the torch., but i did some pull and hitting, after Chris at mopedwarehouse loan me because he didn't have one in stock for me purchase, this tool worked so nice, i ended up making one. its worth having. Dan

Re: More Peugeot Problems

Chris Robertson /

Hi Dan:

Much like you, I did borrow the tool from Moped Warehouse. That's the one I broke. I had tightened it to the point where the thrust bolt broke --we're talking, holding the crescent wrench down with my foot, and turning the socket wrench with all my strength. The crankshaft threads mushroomed out, but the flywheel would <b>not</b> come off!

Luckily Chris, at Moped Warehouse was understanding. I replaced the thrust bolt with a new one from the hardware store and he seemed alright with that. I felt terrible for breaking it, though. After that I didn't have the nerve to try again because I worried that the main part of the puller might break the next time.

Since I haven't said so yet, kudos to Moped Warehouse for loaning a guy in another country one of their tools for free. I'll definitely give them some of my business in the future.


Re: More Peugeot Problems

Matt Wilson /

Hey Chirs,

I bought a new comdesor and coil for $8 from

I don't know if I can get the condensor in without removing the flywheel, but I'll try.

I will let you know if that imprcves anything


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