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Good morning all,

I have a 1980 Sachs suburban. I recently put an Airsal 70cc kit on the bike and it's running very well. however I was looking at the stock exhaust and it has a governor in there. Does anyone have the know how to remove it without destroying the pipe? Thanks in advance, also this is my wife's bike so if it gets to loud she would be bummed.


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Dirty30 Dillon /

That's not a "governor," that's a baffle.

If you don't want it loud, definitely don't remove that.

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Tyler Fradet /

Thank you, it keeps the bike running at 27ish mph. It would be nice to get a little more top end.

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27mph with Airsal kit? Somethings probably not right. Maybe your timing is off.

Re: 19080 Sachs

nah i think he might be right, with the baffles it's pretty restrictive and slow. It'll also overheat a kit

you can just yank that baffle out tho, from the point where it's at in the picture with the back all off it just yanks out.

Re: 19080 Sachs

I get about 26 mph out of my 1980 Sachs Suburban on flat ground which is completely stock running the 47cc head, so you’re 27 mph isn’t impressive coming from a modified engine. So either you weigh much more than me and that’s slowing things down or you have some issues someplace with your bike.

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Beach Club Nick /

A bone stock 505/1D motor will do like 33 mph. You need a better exhaust. What intake and carb are you using?

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My girlfriend is running a basically stock 504 1A that hits 35 with her 140 pound self on it. The only mods are the 28mm Sachs header and 28mm clamp on chamber, which probably isn’t the absolute best option for exhaust but it bolts right up with zero issues and most importantly is real quiet. Sounds like a popcorn machine when you let off the gas lol. Make sure you get the header in the correct direction (right or left) since all Sachs are different.




I also put a hi-flow air filter and a few holes in the stock air box but I doubt your larger kit would run very well with either of those parts because they’re pretty damn restrictive.

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