Casal 1973

Hello everyone. I'm thinking about buying a 1973 Casal 50. I believe it's a k190 by searching online. Anyone know anything about these? Are they good bikes? I have a Honda PAII I'm working on now but waiting for a new coil to be in stock. So i was thinking about getting this little guy to play with.

Re: Casal 1973

They are pretty rare and elusive for parts. They have a manual trans which is cool but once again if something brakes you may have to custom make your replacement part.

Re: Casal 1973

Bummer. It apparently ran a year ago but i know how sitting can do damage. I'd love to have it but I'm no fabricator. I haven't looked at it in person yet but i worry about the fuel tank and carb being nasty. Now the clutch too 😬 we'll see. Thanks for the info!

Re: Casal 1973

Casal Ive seen only once and it was in a design museum in Lisboa.

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