Malaguti EU 3M info?

Looking for someone who can help me out with figuring out what I have. It’s a shifty 50 M3 motor on a malaguti that everything looks like it was done factory. But I can’t find much information about it or what it’s value is. I picked it up on a whim for $100 knowing parts of the bike were worth it. Guy I bought it from was given it for free and never touched it. I got it to fire after some spray down the carb.


Re: Malaguti EU 3M info?

Terbo Speghetti /

That's a weird one for sure! Is it a Franco Morini engine?

Re: Malaguti EU 3M info?

THERE WAS one of those at mid ohio last year, i'd never seen it before. tempted me bigtime

Re: Malaguti EU 3M info?

Ian MacKenzie /

It is a morini M3 series engine in it.

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