Vespa citta gilera armature gap

I’ve recently started to build a point ignition model Vespa citta gilera

I have bought a malossi mp-one racing crankcase, Polini 65cc cylinder kit, nouva racing crankshaft and a new lightened flywheel

All my parts go together well except for my flywheel

I purchased it off jmpb parts online and in the description it says that it will not fit and that I will need to shave it down myself to make it fit myself.

I am wondering what is someone else’s working Vespa citta gilera’s armature(gap between magneto and flywheel is) and if anyone else has bought these lightened flywheels off jmpb parts and could guide me through the installation of it



Re: Vespa citta gilera armature gap

Dirty30 Dillon /

Wow, you've got a lot of mismatched parts happening. Not sure why you sprung for the MP one to rock a 43mm polini compared to any of the 46mm kits which slot right in. That, and going with points as well is an odd move.

I have not used the JMPB parts, but what they're selling is the late model points flywheel that had a slightly smaller ID than the vast majority. Not sure why they wouldn't offer a standard flyweight, but oh well.

You won't be able to "turn down" the interior of the flywheel, you'll need to purchase the smaller ID could set, a la this.

Re: Vespa citta gilera armature gap

Thank you I have ordered the coil set

I got the bike cheap and took it out for a weekend and the head blew on it so I went to order a new cyclinder kit for it and found the 65cc Polini one that were suppose to fit the original crankcase, they didn’t fit put it on started it up and the engine was knocking, opened it up and there was metal shavings inside so I decided that I would just order a new crankcase. I had ordered the cylinder kit off jmpb before and I found there site more helpful than any others as it had straight categories of everything for the bike in English. So I ordered the mp one. It all goes together surprisingly nicely. This is my first build so can’t wait to see what it drives like. Any other tips and tricks would be appreciated👍👍

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