Raffle Ducati and sidecar

I haven’t posted in moped army in forever but I’m raffling of my Ducati and detachable sidecar (only 200 spots, odds are good). A lot of you may have seen it going around instagram but I figured I’d post here too. As I’m writing this there are only 100 spots left.

It’s ALS awerness month and like a lot of you know I was diagnosed with ALS, I can’t ride my bikes anymore so I wanna raise money and awareness for the disease and let someone have a rad bike in the process.

The bike is a 2021 Ducati scrambler Nightshift withe a custom detachable DMC

sidecar. You can enter at www.EricALS.com

Thanks for any support

See you at rallies this summer

“LGN Eric”


Re: Raffle Ducati and sidecar

Re: Raffle Ducati and sidecar


Re: Raffle Ducati and sidecar

This is awesome, normally I don't fuck with raffles but I'm definitely thinking about it.

Re: Raffle Ducati and sidecar

What if someone rode you around in the sidecar? Not close enough to the really thing?

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