Sachs 505 Clutch Oil

Hi, I'm restoring a moped with a sachs 505 engine.

The engine's original clutch died a long time ago, I ordered a new clutch and would like to know what oil to use?

I ordered a clutch from lucky2strokes, I hope I made a good purchase.

Re: Sachs 505 Clutch Oil

Bernhard Schmaelzle /

Kit seems to be OK. Compared to price level here in Germany a bit expensive but most important that these spare parts are available.

Clutch and gear oil I made best experience with ATF DEXRON II Type.


Re: Sachs 505 Clutch Oil

So, the ol sachs clutch is a bit of a troublesome fella.

with new pads you're gonna need to re-shim it probably. hopefully that just means removing shims though. Maybe it's just good to go.

This has tons of good info on sachs

all the clutch details is here:

ESPECIALLY preload prolly important w the new pads...

Re: Sachs 505 Clutch Oil

I've tried tons of different oils and gear oils and trans fluids etc.

In my experiences the slipping is usually the end of sachs clutches. especially at high performance, you start slipping at peak power and then they glaze and need to be sanded.

Like, the fluid needs to let the clutches slip as you're taking off from a stop. and then engage and stay engaged. But the mechainsm to engage isnt super strong (donut on ramp) and so at high power it can start spinning free again. Also since sachs isnt really adjustable what RPM the clutch engages, you do really need a good slip off the line to get decent acceleration, while needing good engagement at the end. hmm.

People have tried lots of stuff to deal with it like coolers and different fluids

So sachs recommends gear oil. Most people recommend ATF type F. Now, gear oil is heavy oil, it's viscous and could slow things down honestly. Presumably being thicker it'd stay longer and help the clutches slip when theyre supposed to.

ATF type F also has no friction modifiers. Dex/merc ones do. my gut feel is ATF like the dex mentioned probably do help add needed friction. I've got nothin, not even butt feel, to say it makes a real difference but these days I lean more towards thinking ATF with modifiers is probably better here. the short answer tho, it doesnt matter much

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