Buying a $2500 liquid cooled Scooter

Tomorrow. I'm going up to buy on the spot. Brand new. Doesn't have oil or a battery even.

No, there's no place for a stereo. I can live without it. It looks like it can handle off road... and it's a lot nicer that this picture shows.

I couldn't get <> to come up... like a bad SW plug-in... I tried.

It's called the super9, and will do 60 witha performance pipe. Legal as a moped, no speed restrictions. In maine, I think (according to the shop) the only rule for a 'moped' is "under 50cc" you still need insurance etc, but speed isn;t a factor. I questioned it, but he said the city hall people see "scooter" and, bang, it gets moped plates.

I'm not selling out.. but I will have a brand new machine to play with. And the wife was charmed by the people-50.

we would be a moped and scooter couple... a marriage made in heaven.

She might get it tomorrow. I hope she does. She gets really scared on the main roads, not being able to keep up with traffic.

The liquid cooled is 100$ more than the cobra cross racer... which has a but more rack space...

I think I'll buy a used scooter... experiment on that with the "scooter stereo". Keep my new toy mint.... as long as possible.

I'd buy a new moped... and still may.. but with shipping and bi-turbo, the tomos is within 900$ of the cost of this scooter.

Picure attaches.


Re: Buying a $2500 liquid cooled Scooter


I think that should have hyperlinked....

anyway another pic...


Re: Buying a $2500 liquid cooled Scooter


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Re: Buying a $2500 liquid cooled Scooter

good luck with the scooter. :)

Say what ?

Wayne wrote:

>Doesn't have oil or a battery even.


.. ummmmm ... Wayne .. if its a 2 stroke and has electric start (and it is both) .. then it has an oil tank AND a battery.

What is this ? .. comedy night ?

Re: Say what ?

No... I mean in it yet....

It hasn't been started up... brand new.. plastic on the seat new.

I have to call them an hour before I come up with the money to buy it, and they will have it ready.

The battery is unhooked, in the underseat compartment.

So new it hasn't been filled with oil or gas... needs the "first service" or whatever they do to brand new bikes.

Sorry to be unclear.... it's a super nice machine....and not much more expensive than the People 50

$2500 liquid Scooter AND a People 50

My wife is going to get a people 50 too.

So, 2 qt-50's, an 92 tomos needing work, a super9 liquid cooled scooter and a people 50.

5 50cc machines in our garage.


Re: Say what ?

InfectedBootSector /

They look nice Wayne. I just bought a 50cc Honda Metro for 1699. They are Water cooled as well, and very hi-tech, even though they look retro. I looked at the Revival for the same price, and decided to go with the Metro after comparing Quality/War./Etc.

I was almost sold on the Revival until I discovered the crome was mostly plastic on it. That stuff looks awefully cheap when it wears down.

Re: Say what ? 50+ w/NO MODS

My scooter goes 50+ with no mods. stock. I'm going to add the pipe... hit 65 easy.


The wife love the people 50

Re: Say what ? 50+ w/NO MODS

InfectedBootSector /

I'm wondering... the fairing on the front looks like it would cause a lot of drag on an older scooter...

I guess that is their idea... to keep the wind, mud, etc off the rider....

Re: Say what ? 50+ w/NO MODS

david f martin /

On the scooters I've seen, the front fairing is designed to keep mud/water/rocks from the rider, but it is also designed to "push" the airflow up over and around the rider smoothly, improving aerodynamics.

A sloped piece of smooth plastic has to be more aerodynamic than a vertical, broad, flat, cloth covered surface (the driver).


Re: Say what ? 50+ w/NO MODS

Stopped in for just a sec... wow.. like everybody--total strangers are coming up to inquire and marvel at our new machines.

sooo fun. Going out to get ice cream!

Hey--- has anyone seen that new flick.. days of fire... the dragon movie...? we saw minority report.... blah.. like 'seven' meets 'fifth element' not so fun.. wife loved it.


Re: Buying a $2500 liquid cooled Scooter

flannelman /

so what will you pay a month on the new scooter

Re: Buying a $2500 liquid cooled Scooter

I paid cash for both machines. Handed him like $5500 his jaw dropped. It was a kid working with his dad and it was the first 'all cash' sale that big.

Insurance will be cheap... I'm sure.

Man, is it fast--- I was just doubling someone....passenger pegs worked fine.. went over 40 easy

Re: Buying a $2500 liquid cooled Scooter

Matt Wilson /


Just curious but let me know how fast the scooter goes before and after the pipe.

I'm curious to compare it to my modified yamaha


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