did i find trash or treasure?

people tell me its a 1979 floozie. i need a sachs 505 engine, a tank, seat, and chain to get it running. if anyone has those. let me know..

anyway, what do you think the value of this is.

Re: did i find trash or treasure?

there we go

<img src=http://www.shantslife.com/pictures/moped.jpg>

<img src=http://www.shantslife.com/pictures/moped2.jpg>

Re: did i find trash or treasure?

looks like trash but if you fix it up then it could be "treasure" i guess

Idea for a seat

If you have any fabricating skills .. then a good source for a seat might be to watch the stuff put out for the garbage.

People throw out excercise bicycles all the time ... they should have some pretty good strong comfortable seats on them .. becaue they are made for 'big' people.

I am gonna snatch up the next good one I see .. and then mount it up when my PA seat tears up much worse than it is.

You'll just have to figure out how to mount it.

... and they're ... FREE .. (my favorite word .. or one of them)


Reeperette /

You know, you could mount just about any engine you wanted to that, be it Sachs or otherwise.

If you have any welding skill, the mounts are not hard to fabricate, your only real bugbear would be the electricals, but if it's 6V, it shouldn't be all that hard.


Re: Treasure?

I would take any type of moped, just as long as it rides, and takes me places... The moped looks good, you just need to put a decent engine on it.


Where's the gas tank?

Re: Treasure?

seriously? its hard trying to look for a sachs 505. there is no way i can you another engine without welding? i know a welder in my dads work place but thats 2 hours away in san diego. it would be too much of a hassle to get the bike there and back. im really interested in getting the bike fixed and running asap.

Re: Treasure?

i know. someone said that the 79 floozie uses a sachs 505...so ive been looking for a sachs 505. i dont know anything about moped. anything about engines. all i really want is to getting it running well for under $100.

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