moped prices

i notice that the price of mopeds if different depending on where you are at.

makes sence, but just thought it was a little strange. looked in the classifieds here in San diego california, and the people selling are asking more that the people in Hawaii {where i live} for the same type of mopeds.

enjoy the Zooom.

RE: moped prices

Simon King /

supply and demand i guess...that's why it's getting harder to buy mopeds on ebay - people in high priced areas really drive up the bid. -- it seems that here in the midwest you can still get a moped for a pretty good price, i wonder where they go for the most? -- there were/are some major distributors in the midwest, maybe there aren't as many on the west coast -

my guess would be that there are most japanese mopeds on the west coast and more european mopeds on the east...though i'm not sure if that's true or not.

RE: moped prices

i guess your right on that one.

a lot of poeple in hawaii onw Honda or Yamaha mopeds or scotters.

in fact i have hardly seen anything but those. seen some old school peddle ones but that is about it. the only people i know personlay who have ones other than Hondas or Yamahas are collectors and guys who own moped shops. there are at least 8 moped stores on the island, of Oahu.

RE: moped prices

Same here in Canada...

Mopeds except the Tomos are no longer available in Canada since 1982 (not sure of the exact date). Honda and Yamaha scooters have their places here. That's sad, because it lacks the affordability of fixing your own moped.

Re: moped prices

Nils Einan /

hvor mye koster en senda r i norge?


RE: moped prices

Maybe I am bucking the trend, but I just picked up a Honda Tact 50cc from a pawn shop for $200. ( Atlanta, GA) Needs some work, but overall good shape. The funny thing is it still has the Japanese tags on it.

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