Piaggio Si Mix VIN number identification

Hello, recently i bought a Piaggio Si Mix, but the seller didn't have any documents. I tried to identify year of production of this moped, but VIN is strange and can't be identified by vin decoders. Can anyone help me with getting some more information about this moped? ID sticker's photos are attached.

VIN: ZAPC0500000011425

I also read somewhere that year of production can be found in numbers on different parts of the moped. Is this right? How can i check this?


Re: Piaggio Si Mix VIN number identification

campeona del mundo /

The vin is stamped on the frame, above the carburetor. Remove the footrests and you will be able to read it with a flashlight. Can't remember if it's on the left or right side.

Re: Piaggio Si Mix VIN number identification

In this case VIN is below the seat and it is the same as the one on the sticker from pics - ZAPC.... . Different versions of Piaggio mopeds have VIN in different places.

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