Re: Turbo's .. Nitrous .. Superchargers

Well I might have overstated how 'easy' it is for the average Joe to do with some 20 year old Gov restricted 30mph 2hp moped.

The manufacturer could do it pretty easy (if they wanted to).

First ... why do you want to get 10hp out of an old 50cc ped?

You'd be better off getting a $1000 motorcycle if you just want to go faster.

But ... If you went and bought the motor out of a new KTM50 Senior .. you will have 10 reliable HP with a single speed and centrifugal clutch.

Or you could try to adapt the - airbox .. carb .. cylinder .. piston .. head .. exhaust pipe .. off that same motor to your lower end .. (but it might blow because it wasn't made for 10HP .. but your lower end will blow if you put Nitrous on it too eh ?)

You want to make your own motor make the same HP ?...

2 stroke development is a SCIENCE duck... you could go to engineering school and study hard for 4 years and get a good start ... there are also 2 stroke development textbooks you can read.

You aren't going to get it in one post on a message board.

Its a lot more complicated than that.

... and it requires some math ability.

.. as an example here is one webpage devoted to helping you design your own exhaust pipe

Re: Turbo's .. Nitrous .. Superchargers

david f martin /

Thanks for the link, Fred. I'd seen it before, but didn't save it...

Probably the cheapest and easiest way to get 10hp out of your 'ped is to use nitrous.

That's what all the kidracers are using on thier Civics nowadays... We get 'em all the time at work (VW/Honda repair) with blown engines. Those are the lucky ones. Better to blow the engine than wreck the car.

BTW, my '87 Elite has "forced air cooling", too. It's a fan on one end of the crankshaft, to help keep the engine cool.


Re: Turbo's .. Nitrous .. Superchargers

thanks for the post fred.

I understand it would be hard to do a general listing of mods to easily obtain 10 hp.. I don't want 10.. I would like 4 or 5.... and maybe i'll do some studying up and try to get there.

Im not wanting an easy way to o anything.. just exampls of what others have done to get there.. if anyways has yet?

Damaging the Ped

Peashooter /

I would love to do all these improvements to any ped. But I dont want to damage the ped, or the peds reliability. Thats why displacment upgrades dont impress me. Are there any ways to increase a mopeds speed/power without damaging the moped? Besides store bought kits/parts (bi-turbos, speed sprockets, etc...)

How much would modifying the airbox help you, and wouldn't it make you engine run lean? (oh and if it doesn't cause problems, how do I do it?)

I started all this....

Alright everybody, I started all this so I guess I should say that Im going to give it a try.

I agree with duck. I want real technical information. Friday I talked to a man who told me some things about changing the timing on a 2 cycle piston by grinding the ports up and down. Why isnt that info on this web site? Hasnt any of you guys tried it yet? Ive only had this damn ped for 2 months and already Im trying to figure out how the damn system works. This is basically a tiny dirt bike motor right? Why dont we talk to some motorcross guys? They do this every day!

Somebody is talking about cost and why shouldnt I just go buy a motorcycle. If I wanted a motorbike I wouldnt be fucking around with a moped. I wanted the moped, its a lifestyle that I agree with. Not gratuitous speed and super sex on rubber donuts. I want to make my ped run better so I can understand it better, then make it better. The ped is not dead and should not die.

So on that note heres what Ive done. I scavenged (for free) a centrifugal plenum and impeller. It has an aluminum casing which is pretty thick for machining, and Im thinking it will make about a pound of boost at WOT. Nothing huge, but maybe worth that 4 or 5 hP that duck was talking about and most moped jockeys would like to have. Im going to the junkyard this week to buy the impeller out of the output side of a turbo, then Im going to re-shaft the exhisting case. Even if this thing doesnt do anything Ill have a base to work from. Im going to continue to post here pics and info that I run across on the subj. Im going to adapt my flywheel to run a belt drive to the shaft, and plumb it into my intake. The system will be draw-through and Im hoping that it wont melt anything. If so too bad. I start over.

I might find that its not possible. The heat might be too high, until I reach a decent temp with a richer mixture that fouls the plug every time. SO be it. I want to find out, and Im going to post what I find so that we all dont have to go buy brand new parts just to keep up with traffic.

When I was 17 I built a 13 second camaro form bolt on parts. Big whoop. Here we each have a machine that we can infinitely modify and replace parts on for less that we spend at the bar on thursday night. I think it will be fun.


Re: I started all this....

minutemade /

we've got a 420hp camaro we're figuring that'll it will run 12's still have some finishing touchs to make,but its not far from it int work and paint is it.anyone can do that shit though its just bein able to tune it right is what most the idiots can't do.

Re: I started all this....

minutemade /

hmm if you really want a powerboost along time ago people ran nitromethane in they're briggs and strattons...thats all im sayin

Re: I started all this....

actually, model airplane fuel would probably work...

Re: I started all this....

before we start getting into dumb fuel suggestions.... lets work on one thing at a time.. Zach... we should start anouther post and let this one sink tot he ground becuase of me and freds bickerings and all the other stuff that ended up on it and lets talk specificsaly about trying to make some kind of induction system.... maybe a better ignition system and and affordable way to get your moped some deceant power.. enough to keep up with traffic. I don't wan tot drag race the damn thing.. just not be scared at an intersection.

Oh before ou mess with the turbo and taking one apart and using parts form on to make one.. This seems to be an easy cheap way to get an impeller and all.. go to your junkyard and rob a smog pump from say a chevy truck.. these things can produce up to 7 psi. They have an inlet for the old exhust that can be adapted it seems to me maybe for a small cone type lawn mower filter..

Im not sure though form there where would you go... I am sure we could rig up a place for one if you had a wleder and just run it off the same belt that controls your clutch... ... just slign the pullys up and find a belt that would be a little larger.

I think you could take rubber hose and splice a T just behind the carberator to link the mini turbo to it. and upgrade jet sizes a few tiems and run maybe 25 or 30: 1 instead of 40 to make up for the more air and fuel .... then get a little hotter range plug if you wanted to really get into it ou could take a small electric fan and run it to the cooling fans of the engine to provide better cooling...

I don't know this might not work.. but just an idea.. it would be cool.. good luck zach

Re: I started all this....

minutemade /

i'm not going to suggest any fuel suggestions cause nitro is 55 bucks a gallon,

last one on this post

I agree, we should start another post. As for fuel, I dont think that we should deviate from gas. Too complicated. I might end up using premium though for less detonation. My maxi doesnt have a clutch, so Ill just be running a belt thats always moving when the engine is running. Ill have some pics later this week I think. As for the pump I have, Its probably too big, but I just want to see if I can make it work. Right now its just a matter of getting it to run. I think our first question for the new post should be: what exactly are the mechanical limits of the engine? I dont want to accidentally blow it up before I know why. Anybody have any horror stories or scientific destructions to report?

Re: last one on this post

david f martin /

Have you heard about the blonde terrorist that tried to blow up a moped?

She burnt her mouth on the tailpipe.


Re: last one on this post

LOL....good one blond...blow.....tailpipe.....BWAAA HAA HAA

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