My first Sachs

Grant Pressler /

Getting back into my old obsession lol

Went picked up this Sachs to do next.

I’ve restored dozens tomos, few garellis, Honda’s, Suzuki’s and a couple motobecanes

But this is my first Sachs project 1978 westlake I believe

Anyone who’d like to school me on anything be alright w me!

Bike only has 3 miles on it so pretty excited

Plan on getting all my stuff from 1977peds

1. NO carb(delorto seems to fat)

2. decompression valve looks damaged(worth worrying about?)

3. Should I open up trans case check clutches? Or just see how she does after I crank her? What kinda fluid?

Plan on keeping everything pretty stock, new tires, new handle bars, maybe a pipe(idk) this pipe looks pretty cool

Of course ima check points, put in new condenser, but anything else I should know?


Re: My first Sachs

Probably pretty much the same as any other moped. Looks much the same as a Puch to me. I just got back into mopeds after 15 years after retiring last year, First by restoring my Solex that had been sitting in my bedroom for over 12 years, then buying this. 1979 Sears Free Spirit Puch Kromag. I just bought it, haven't even gotten it home yet. It does run, and I believe it actually only has 1200 miles on it. I'm going to check everything. But first I'm going to remove the reflectors. (edited)

1979 Puch Kromag.jpg

Re: My first Sachs

Grant Pressler /

I guess I really just need help figuring out what carb I can use?

Re: My first Sachs

Dirty30 Dillon /

Sachs bikes take a Square bing, tis right in the wiki.

Re: My first Sachs

Bernhard Schmaelzle /

Carb should be a 85/12 101 type or 85/12 104. I have some left but sending a single carb from Germany to US would not be cheap.


Re: My first Sachs

You must have been out the game longer than you think, because you might want to search 1977 mopeds on here before buying anything.

Re: My first Sachs

Grant Pressler /

Think I found the square bing on eBay


Re: My first Sachs

Either buy or make a spacer under the intake and the you can use a regular Bing or SHA--if you want the carb facing rearward. 505D's, you can flip the intake to face forward, though you can't keep a your totally stock side cover if you do that. Use the search feature and wiki--all the tips you need are here

Re: My first Sachs

Wonder why someone would buy this new 45 years ago and spend a fair amount of money to do so, and then only ride it three miles.

Re: My first Sachs

I heard a lot of stories back when I used to buy a lot of mopeds from original owners, people bought it for a wife or kid who didn't like it, or someone crashed right away and got scared.

Re: My first Sachs

Oh shit! you got it. We were scoping that in the swoop group. I dont think anyone was goin for it but thats a solid deal, and the elsuive 504/1C engine! winner winner

Effectively the "C" is a "D" cylinder, the higher power sachs version, but without the stroker crank that came with the D's. They never made the longer stroke on the 504s. BUT to the above point, it's effectively a D cylinder which means you've got a flat intake port as opposed to the "A/B" designations' angled intakes. This allows you to flip the intake forward for more room for bigger carbs (usually gotta trim some fins) or to rather easily stack a spacer under the intake to fit bigger carbs. The square bing is the stock one, but the jets are unique and the floats finicky and the size limited and the performance equally limited. standard round bing or SHA lets you get up to 15mm with the stock intake (which is 14.5mm ID) but for both of those you do need to space it up a bit. Also makes idles adjustments tricky w/ SHA cuz it's right against the frame but... whatever, worth it.

Dont get parts from '77, they really fell off and are extremely unreliable. doscycles is awesome and has bunches of sachs bits, is the other excellent goto.

see wiki for 505/1a performance: . Yours is a 504 but most of the info is interchangeable

regarding the decomp, that's wrecked. the decomp goes inline with the starter cable and the cable squeezes it when you pull the starter. It's pretty unecessary, most people just remove it and block it offwith a bolt. more detail in the wiki above.

If you wanna repair it i'd just get a new one, any loss of springiness and bent bits in there it wont work right and robs you of performance

also needs probably a new cable, theyve got a specific end on there you can replicate it yourself or buy a new cable:

personally I'd pull out the short section on that cable and block off the decomp.

regarding clutches, I'd probably just try it before messing with it. if it works it's best kept in factory mode. you can use ATF, just fill it in that side screw hole til it comes out. you might need to tilt it to get it thru the whole engine and refill back to the filler cap level.

also those lock in easy, use a big screwdriver that fits well, anything too small is just gonna mash it up and leave you needing a new one. they come in the gasket kits that treats and dos sell, but sadly looks like it's sold out...

finally regarding new pipes, they dont stay on well with the header clamp-on setup. My favorite solution is to tack little rings to the header (washers or whatever) and drill little holes in the bottom cylinder fins and mount em together w a spring to help hold it up.

Re: My first Sachs

> Graham Motzing wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I heard a lot of stories back when I used to buy a lot of mopeds from

> original owners, people bought it for a wife or kid who didn't like it,

> or someone crashed right away and got scared.

that or they never hooked up the speedometer

or ran it without premix... for 3 miles...

Re: My first Sachs

Grant Pressler /

My man! Thank you!

I bought the 12mm square bing to be safe

But cool I can upgrade a lil!

Thanks for the advice and info

Re: My first Sachs

Grant Pressler /

Well took every bit of Born to be wilds advise!

Intake turned (cut fins instead of stacking)

15mm SHA ordered

Few other things

Oiled cylinder few days ago

Plugged decomp (1.5x20m too short) used a lil longer bolt

Messed around cleaned points added lil fuel and pop pop pop

Probably first crank in 40 years! I love it

Clutch case was bone dry and lil crusty cleaned her out good

I think I figured out why she only had 3 miles on her

The freewheel gear had cracked and was just spinning (fuuuuucking up threads on rim) so only way to crank her would been to push start or do like I did and spin rim by hand

The threads look good enough for a new freewheel gear w maybe a lil JB weld to act as lock tight.

Thanks all!

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