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Hi, i am looking at purchasing a Electric Moped mainly for a commute to work ,the Moped will be new so it won't be registered and not have a Reg Number..My question is how do i go about getting a online quote to get a rough idea on cost...I am a car driver with a full licence and over 20 years NCB ..Any help would be appreciated ..Thanks

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Dirty30 Dillon /

Cool to see you're onto two wheels, but being that this is a US based crowd of mostly vintage 2t moped people, you're source of info may be lacking.

Hopefully some folks from the UK will chime in.

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Justin Krall /

Are you asking as to what one would cost? If so I have a pedgo element its 750wat does about 25mph they can go faster but are factory regulated to keep them legal in u.s.a and not have to registered as a moped or motorcycle. It has a 30 Mile range depending on your weight and the terrain. They have dealers all over the u.s. mine was around $1400 but I got mud guards racks front suspension and a seat with suspension as they do not offer rear suspension on that model. So about 2 grand all together and that includes installation and them dropping it off at my home 10 miles away. This is there base model but I got it because of the vintage moped look...the rest of them are eaither beach cruiser or mountain bike type. The motor is in the hub of the rear wheel the computer that controls it is hidden in the frame and it has a twist throttle. Disc breaks all around. I use it alot in the summer wean I do bike rides with the kids. I do have a 2002 avanti super sport. The e bike has better acceleration its instant other than that ill take my vip any day of the week!


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you need to look into how your federal/local laws can be applied to electric things with 2 wheels. Laws in Europe are not the same as US states (which are also not the same as each other).

here in Virginia, an Electric powered thing with 2 wheels could fall into like 5 different categories and only one of them is free and able to ride on paths and roads.

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Whoa yea, surprise you haven't gotten more flame yet, but many folks here are getting more accepting of em, even tho it's def outside the collective interest of this forum. You're way better off on brand specific Facebook groups or endless sphere forum

That said, to me the most important question is your intent. Do you wanna ride it like a moped, on road with traffic, pure throttle without much pedaling?, or are you trying to make a 5mi bicycle commute easier? As a moped the options are different and range cost and speed drive your selection. For e bikes cycling style, there's a lot but the capabilities are close and nearly interchangeable. You can do fine on a decent brand anything or a conversion kit if you're trying to be cheap. Rad seem like good options.

On the mopeds, the juiced ones are a personal fave if you're OK in the 30mph and 30mi range. Onyx really does kinda dominate for max performance and community support. But they're twice the cost.

I dunno, defining exactly your demands and budget really clean up the choices from a seemingly endless field

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I'm not flaming, I just don't understand why anyone would actually want a battery powered bike if an internal combustion powered bike is available. Nor only do I find them incredibly boring (to me moped, motorcycle, or even scooter, especially ones with manual transmissions, mean FUN) but their range is not even close to being what I want or need. But I understand everyone is different. I am very much into the greasy oily vintage 2 stroke type mopeds. It was my love for the internal combustion engine that got me into bikes, and then cars, in the first place.

As for what's legal, what can be used where, what kind of license if any is required, whether registration and/or insurance is required, that is usually determined by the wattage of the motor. The less powerful the motor, the less complicated things usually are. There are many differences between battery powered bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles.

As far as I know, none of the Rad Power bikes require any license, registration, or insurance. In my state they can be ridden in bike lanes, BUT there is a speed limit of 20 mph, and that is at least twice as fast as most pedal bicycles are ridden. For some reason, I have noticed that speed is the main thing battery powered bicycles are concerned about. Their first question is invariably "how fast does it go" while my first question would be "how far does it go without pedaling"

Many places also make a difference between a "pedal assist" bike, which won't do anything unless you pedal, the battery powered motor just makes it easier to pedal, and "throttle" bikes, which can be ridden by throttle only, with no pedaling. My feeling is, if you are going to pedal, why do you need/want a motor?

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i commute on an EBike. i like to get to work faster AND without sweating.

though now i work from home, so i have to remember to charge my EBike once a month and Drive the truck at least once a week.

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While I wouldn't want one, I do see a battery powered bicycle as being a little different from a battery powered moped, scooter, or car. Those are supposed to have internal combustion engines, as far as I am concerned. On a bicycle the rider is the engine.

I now have NINE bikes (5 motorcycles, 2 scooters, and 2 mopeds) I am divorced, and my kids are in their mid 30s, so I live alone. I converted my living room into a bike shop/storage place. 5 of those bikes are in there. They don't all get ridden that often. I have a couple that haven't been ridden in over 2 years. But they do get started up, warmed up, and moved around a little at least every 2-3 weeks. Several of them have TruFuel in them. Unlike ethanol gas, it has a lifespan of 2 years, so I don't have to worry about it going bad and doing serious damage to the fuel system. I also have 3 cars and a truck. Only one is used on a daily basis. But the other 3 get warmed up and driven at least 5 miles every couple of weeks. All the bikes with batteries have battery tenders on them. I retired last year, so I have more time to spend with my vehicles now. Internal combustion powered vehicles have always been my main and only real hobby.

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I would recommend a vintage Solo Electra from the 1970s.

It was laso produced under the name of Hercules, DKW, Mars and Kynast.

It's still possible to find them in Europe, in the US maybe more difficult.


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