extremely shakey engine

Jake Van Order /

I cracked another engine mount again. You may have remembered that I cracked one about a month ago, well the other side gave out this week. Both sides looked like they were welded before and those didn't hold either.

What would cause this? I'm thinking an extremely shaky sachs 505 engine. But again what would cause this? I have an 1986 sachs carrier I.


Re: extremely shakey engine

im just taking a wild guess, by no means do i know what im talking about, but could it have something to do how you have your back tire configuration set up? Chain, tire, suspension? That could cause problems id think, Could have been a weak weld also.

Re: extremely shakey engine

You could find out if it's the engine or chain by when it shakes.

If it shakes at idle then it's the engine, but if it gets worse with speed, it may be the alignment with the chain.

I think the 505 has 3 spots where the motor mounts to the frame. Have you checked that you have good bushings in all of them?

You may want to make a plate that would tie all of the mounting points together, for both sides and use longer bolts to hold it there. Use cardboard to make a template, and cut it to the shape you would need.

The metal around the mounts may be fatigued and weak so no amount of welding will help. The only problem is, unless you have a buddy at a metal shop, it could get expensive

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