Forum has a mind of it's own?

Simon... or whoever's in charge.

Is it just my pyooter?..or does this forum change it's mind every day on how it wants to present itself?

Some days the threads are displayed.

Another day they are not.

One day the posts I haven't read are marked "new".

Most days ALL of them are marked "new".

Don't get me wrong...I ain't bitching.

It's not a big deal.

I can live with it.

And if I was you and you are going to school and all that

I wouldn't worry about this minor glitch.

I was just curious.

RE: Forum has a mind of it's own?

another thing is when i post a reply to something and go back to the main screen all the posts above the one i replied to are gone. to read those i have to go to view threads. just another glitch i thought u might need to know was happening

RE: Forum has a mind of it's own?

Ron Brown /


Just to save Simon a little typing time, click Go To Top.


RE: Forum has a mind of it's own?

Simon King /

Thanks Ron -

that's actually considered to be a feature that it takes you to your post at the top. The idea is that if you are replying to something farther down the list and it took you to the most recent post each time that it would be annoying. - clicking "go to top" takes you to the top of the list again.

Fred: The threading issue is something that it remembers from the last time you were at the forum. So if you click "Theaded View" or "Flat View" that is what it will use from then on. - Also, if you click "Collapse Threads" or "Expand Threads" in the main title list it will remember that as well. -- that's the idea anyway.

That's how it's supposed to work anyway. The "new" markings are continually wrong - this i know. I'm going to be upgrading this forum to the most recent version around the middle of December -- and that upgrade addresses the "new" problem, and the problem that still shows up every once in a while dealing with not being able to post. -- it's also going to give us better search abilities, like making one search across all the forums!

Thanks alot for pointing out these problems - anything that is ever strange, even if you're not sure if it's supposed to be that way or not - i'd like to hear about. I try to keep this thing running good....

RE: Forum has a mind of it's own?

i find it helps if you look at the dates on the right of the screen. ;}

sorry could not help myself.

enjoy the Zoom!

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