Tomos at 45mph?

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I need to make my '98 Tomos Targa LX hit a speed of 45mph. I will be doing this by putting a Turbo muffler on it, adding a speed sprocket and getting a piece for an enlarged jetted carb. I'd like to get the 70cc engine kit but it seems like it beats the sh*t out of the parts. I want this bike to last for as long as possible. I will be installing all the 3 muffler, sprocket and piece to have an 'enlarged jetted carb.' I havent seen what an enlarged jetted carb looks like, but have been told that its a $3 plastic part for the carb. By adding this onto the carb, it will increase the flow of air and fuel. Right? Well, my question is, do i have to add any more 2-cycle oil to my gas since it is adding more fuel and air to be combusted(I'm using the oil injector right now.) I plan to keep on using my oil injector but do not want my piston to seize on me. Anyone that has a Tomos, please tell me their way they run their w/ an enlarged jetted carb or a proper way of doing so. Thanks.


RE: Tomos at 45mph?

just run it like normal. it will be fine i got a #56 jet in mine adn has never seezed. it is running too rich though. so im gopnna put the original jet in

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