Need a Flywheel for a Cimatti Citibike.

Reeperette /

That's the short of it...

The long of it is thus....

Stopped off at a local go-kart and small engine shop to ask some questions about maybe gettin moped parts, and somehow during the conversation wound up back in the garage workin on...Lo and behold, a Tomos A3 Bullet that had no spark and myriad other problems, and a Cimatti Citibike that some dumbass split the flywheel on by using an air impact drive (gee, incompetence of that level takes effort I tell ya...), and having a really bored moped mech on hand made em real happy, especially one just itchin to get his hands dirty, yannow...

It was funny too, I looked at em and said "no spark, huh" and they were like "yeah, and we tried everything!" I pulled the tail light off and handed em the burnt out tail light bulb...hahahaha.

Too bad there was a lot more wrong with it than that, points corroded together, missing choke lever, no throttle cable, etc....but got all that in hand, obviously, it being an A3 and me having some of the electrical parts on hand.

The Cimatti just needs the ferkin flywheel, which no one seems to have in stock right now, so gimme a howl asap if you happen to have one you'd be willin to part with, or know where I can find one.

Looks like I may be playin moped-guru for these guys on a semi-regular basis, if all works out, which it looks like it will - they mostly do go-karts and whatnot, and do not have a true moped mech around, so they're real happy to bring in someone who knows em as well as I do, especially since it alleviates my boredom, so it's win-win on this and a little cash besides.

Now if I can just get my hands on a Cimatti flywheel....


Re: Cimatti=Minarelli

A C.E.V. flywheel from a Minarelli should work.

Anybody who uses an impact gun an a moped crankshaft should have his nose unscrewed with one.


Bagged it.

Reeperette /

Steves Moped had em in stock, so I hooked em up.

Three guesses who gets to install that mess when it arrives, heh...but I LIKE doin it, so it's all good.

Shop owner's pretty impressed, he's not a net-surfer type, so explainin this site to him didn't really catch on, alas.


Re: Bagged it.

Chris MWH /

Is it a cev or a bosch mag. It comes with both.

Chris MWH

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