I need a Spoked Derbi Hub (RD50/Laguna/C5 maybe Variant...

I need it complete, axle, nuts, spacers, brakeplate Old sprocket would work too. I think they are all basically the same other than the Laguna ones being hand or foot operated

Would be neat if it was one of the dual acting style ones from a Laguna/RD50 but I need something at this point to lace too, so I won't be terribly fussy so Variant will probably work as they are 105mm as well as far as I can tell.

I also need some of those RD50 style chain adjusters as well.

I don't want or need the complete wheel or spokes.. shipping would be too much and I will be trashing them anyway.

Re: I need a Spoked Derbi Hub (RD50/Laguna/C5 maybe Variant...

Derp. Wrong forum, little help here to move to buy and sell?

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