Dutch Moped Auction

Just found the listings for a moped and motorcycle auction that's happening next month.

There's a lot of very very sexy peds in there, feel free to post your favorites.

link to the auction

Re: Dutch Moped Auction

Probably Fred /

Yeah the older and smaller cc bikes are very cool, it would be very hard to pick out a favorite but most are museum pieces, If you’re rich and you have a wall to hang one on or man cave display to put one in then you’re good.

Re: Dutch Moped Auction

The prices stated on that website are pretty daft. A lot of them, in my humble opinion, are estimated at at least double to triple the real world value.

A Rap Imperial estimated at 6500 to 7000 is just ridiculous. Real world a ped like that would really struggle to break 2K. (edited)

Re: Dutch Moped Auction


^^^agreed. Lots of eye candy but insane prices.

Re: Dutch Moped Auction

Bas Autowas /

Yeah the prices are nuts, but they're auction estimates. Most biddings are way more on the reasonable side of things.

Re: Dutch Moped Auction

Reminds me of those two stock motobecanes that sold for $10,000 on bring a trailer. Nice looking bikes, but totally insane.

Re: Dutch Moped Auction

Eric Davenport /

Was that the two yellow cadys that ended up Being crap?

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