French build…

Bout to deep dive into the French game and build my first 103. Need opinions on cases… Polini? Malossi? Any other kind I should consider? And what kit do people recommend? (edited)

Re: French build…

Budget and build goals will probably help with recommendations.

I haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of top performance frenchies, I ran a ported and stock+ modifications on my moby and it was great for the city.

Re: French build…

These comments are oriented towards a simple mild / moderate build.

The Teknix cases are really good for many setups; the smaller transfers may not be optimal for a super ripper, but they've been great for my builds.

Le partie CDI (plus a couple M6 nuts to space it), obviously.

The stock crank and variator (with simple mods) are both pretty good.

Quality reeds help; I like the malossi four petal setup a lot, lots of folks use tomos Athena reeds because they seal easily with the rubber layer.

I've been pretty happy with the 50 airsal, but the low end is terrible even with a modified clutch.

Re: French build…

ran malossi cases like a decade ago. it was fine but i’m just gonna carve out the third transfer on the stock cases this time around. making stock parts rip brings me more joy that throwing money at it.

Re: French build…

malossi cases are sick if you wanna get crazy with your carb, since it's just an AM6 reed block. plus you save money not having to buy a mount bracket!

polini i'm sure are fine, but they're more expensive than the malossi and kinda hard to justify

for a first build, stock doing your own enbiggening with a dremel is kinda the rite of passage i feel like. so is blowing through the cases at the top of the transfers, so don't feel bad if that happens.

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