My commute to work has about 5 miles on highway where the speed limit goes up to 60 and most people drive 70+

I have ridden my moped to work for the last couple days and noticed that if a car passes me, I get a decent bump in speed. If a pack of 3, or more, cars goes by, I get air blocking up to 55-ish mph as long as the disturbance holds out. I can’t keep up and the traffic is really sparse out here.

If you live somewhere that has steady highway traffic, I would imagine this drafting would allow a moped to be geared higher and get sucked along at 60+ very easily.

Does anyone else draft on purpose to get where you’re going faster?

I’m not riding bumpers either, the effect works for a long distance. Like a strong tailwind.

Re: Drafting

I used to draft behind semi’s, 50 mph dart e50 would hit 60 easy in that zone. Pretty dangerous shit though because I would ride their bumper. Haven’t done that in a while, I haven’t had a fast bike for 10 years to do it. I did however build another e50 about a month ago, and it will go back on that dart frame I have.

Re: Drafting

I do that on my super cub.. BUT on the moped it Is like you have a sudden gust of wind at your back!! Makes the rpms go up

Re: Drafting

Used to draft to get up hills without slowing down. Modded-stock streetmate would do 45mph on flats, waaaayy less uphill with no draft assist. (edited)

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Not exactly mopeds but yeqh I do that during downhill longboarding. We make “draft trains” where people behind you push you faster since they catch the draft.


Re: Drafting

I do it all the time. But you gotta pick the right guy to draft. I'll do it for fun when someone drives past and and gives me a thumbs up or something.

It's probably pretty funny to see a guy on a moped in full tuck a few feet from an SUV bumper doing 60...

Re: Drafting

My wife and I riding dubs put a pretty big hole in the wind, lots of times on long rides I'll help slower folks keep up by matching speed and letting them draft.

Works best when someone has a little too much gear and pulling them up to speed let's them get into the power band. It's easy to gain 5 or more mph which feels like a big difference on a 200+ mile ride. The hard part is finding where your throttle has to be so you slow down enough going up hills to match the draft-ee.

Next summer I'm finally going to get that big wind screen installed too, make it even better. On 18*45 gears I've got a lot of torque to really stomp hills even riding dubs.

Re: Drafting

My 18x43 gearing isn’t exactly too much yet. I can go one size leaner on main and maybe even advance timing a little. My estoril is still restricted too. Guess I’m just playing it very safe. First “fast” capable moped and I’ve never seized. Not wanting to change that.

I always loved mopeds. Riding at speed on the highway with traffic adds so much more excitement to it. Gotta stop playing with this tame build and get crackin on my 50/50 race bike. Feelin like it’s time to get off the porch and run with the big dogs because the speed bug has definitely bitten deep.

I screen shot this pic more than a year ago and want to make it happen. Can’t always count on traffic to draft, need to make my own way through the air.


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