Baja on a Moped?! (Theoretical)

Saw the dirt squirt Nebraska GP thing and this immediately popped into my head. Dunno. May be a little more on the dangerous side of stupid, but also like. Could also be kinda epic. Would that be something yinz would do?

Re: Baja on a Moped?! (Theoretical)

Ask about the Trans-Amerian Trail attempt.

Re: Baja on a Moped?! (Theoretical)

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Well you're north of me but...

I have a packed gravel public Oval bi elevation by 159 ft. Complete with pavilions grills a volleyball badminton and a perfect pitlane...

bad lawndart misadventure story for Holloween too.

See 1000 ways to die

f.n hippie asshole now they're worth a shit ton if I only had that dart ubercreeycool...

Anyway an endurance race just run it till it dies or you fall asleep...

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