Avanti super sport

Hello I have a 2001 avanti super sport with a vip 2 speed what can I do to get 50mph out of it

Re: Avanti super sport

🦺🥇b to the eff /

Trade it for a motorcycle?

I dunno about 50, but you can put the Garelli TEAM polini 70cc kit on them, a big carb like a vm20 or PHBG 21 (good luck finding an intake), and a performance exhaust. You'll probably have to make a mount for the exhaust; my Avanti Mont has the pipe mount on the other side of the frame than the Garellis for which the pipe was designed.

Kit: https://www.treatland.tv/garelli-team-polini-70cc-46mm-cylinder-kit-p/garelli-polini-kit-115.0069.htm

VM20 intake: https://www.treatland.tv/SearchResults.asp?Search=TEAM+intake

One pipe option:

MLM pipe (or you can hack and weld): https://www.treatland.tv/MLM-garelli-VIP-people-s-sidebleed-pipe-TEAM-p/mlm-garelli-vip-team-pipe-956.htm

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