General 5 star top tank

I just got a General 5 star - runs excellent but looking to make it faster -- Anyone have advice on what I should do?

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Sachs or Minarelli?

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Probably Fred /

Italian V1 engine or German sachs engine?

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🦺🥇b to the eff /

You have lots of options then! A pipe and carb upgrade on the stock cylinder will help, but if you really want to go faster you'll want to install a cylinder kit.

The 47mm "80cc" polini kit is super popular, but has been out of stock for ages because of covid. The 48mm "80cc" BRN kit is available, and while it requires some cleanup work due to poor casting, it's a good kit. The 51mm "90cc" BRN kit is pretty extreme and I wouldn't recommend it for most folks. The 48mm parmakit is generally seen as not very good.

V1L kits will not work with your motor. Those are for case-inducted motors.

V1A kits will work, but you'll have to lose the cooling fan shroud (and the fan won't do anything).

There are other kits that aren't really available any more, such as the 43mm DR, some 50cc kits, etc.

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I'll keep my eye out for the 80cc polini kit. For the pipe what would you recommend/ carb upgrade?

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If you running 80 CC or higher you're going to want to use like a vm20 or a polini c p series for a carb.

If you want to look Semi stock go for an m l m pipe but I would recommend hacking welding like a circuit proma exhaust or a ninja G3 exhaust you can find them anymore or maybe even a side bled esterel always works well

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With an 80cc kit you can go to a smaller rear sprocket, say, 36 teeth?

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