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Simon King /

I am considering making a moped book. This book would be the history of mopeds, and encyclopedia of moped brands and models throught the years, and a look at the current state of the moped in various contries throughout the world.

I really want to create some sort of encylopedic reference like this - but i'm trying to find out if you think that people would be willing to buy a nice book on the topic, or should i make a website with this information instead?

i know that most of the people on this board would want to buy one - but what do you think of the general masses? has the moped gotten enough popularity again that a moped book would sell to the public?

this would not be a repair guide keep in mind, but more of a historical look.

RE: Moped Reference / History Book

sounds like a good idea to me. i'd get one.

RE: Moped Reference / History Book

rodney beese /

sounds like a great idea, but expect to make money.

RE: Moped Reference / History Book

Ataristyle /

Go for it : ) There will be a demand with the book whoever always goes to this site. Also could get popular all around. I'd like to see a bunch of detailed pictures of many older Mopeds...Good luck!

RE: Moped Reference / History Book

Yeah, i myself have just taken a large interest in this MOT. I have baught myself a scooter which is arguably comperable to a moped and i have fallen in love with the whole craze. i use it to get to and from work and also for local commuting, i even bring it to house parties if i dont feel like drinking. amongst my friends i have started a buzz and the only bad reactions i have recieved are by jocks who say they wont ride them. i live in Toronto Canada and i can only ride it seasonaly granted but they seem to be catching on and i have tried to find a book on them and have had no such luck. all i can say is that i think they are catching on alot more and if i can see that from up here in the great white north then id say ,yes there are people who would read or buy your book. give it a twist though,n incorperate into the heading or title that you give advice and or opinions on which you think is thew best one to buy, should they be looking, then your target market would increase. all for now, takeitease. Ian MacDonald.

RE: Moped Reference / History Book


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