Repro Magnum Seats from treats

Re: Repro Magnum Seats from treats

this is great news!

Re: Repro Magnum Seats from treats

This is amazing. I looked everywhere to make something like this happen.

Shame I’m flat broke and behind on bills ☹️

Maybe in a month or so.

Re: Repro Magnum Seats from treats

Probably Fred /

Well part way there with reasonable priced seats,

I can’t wait for other Seats, tanks, both type of covers, engine cases and frames all to be remade so all these flippers and overprice sellers can pound salt,

Re: Repro Magnum Seats from treats

^ Let it go man, all your bikes are in exceptional shape due to you being in this for so long, not everyone has your knowledge base, I'm glad to see the repro's made...and shocked that I still even own these machines, I don't care much for the flippers either, but if a flipper puts a bike in the hands of someone who otherwise never would have known about them or where to get one? It makes them a moped person? I say great. Life is not what it was, and I agree with you it WAS better back when, but back when is NEVER coming bums me out, but happy to see people are trying to keep these machines alive and give those not fortunate enough to be around in the heyday a chance to experience them. Anything furthering the hobby makes me happy to see. Just my 2 cents.

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