1983 Suzuki fa 50

Trying to fix the hoses from the gas tank to petcock to carb. Picked it up at a yard sale, ordered all the parts I figure I needed, but Dude didn’t have the gas tank cause he said there was a hole In it and he ran a hose to a red gas tank in the basket on the back. I heard it run, but I shut it off quick cause she sat awhile and I wanna run everything right. Replaced some gaskets, the oil, air filter and spark plug. I can’t find anything on how to run the hoses proper and have searched for awhile. (Please don’t post the manual, I’ve gone thru every page) The 2 hoses running from the gas tank are reserve and regular. I’m assuming reserve runs to the petcock and then to the carb maybe the opposite. Any pics of how you have yours ran would be greatly appreciated, I would love to ride her this weekend while my last project “1977 puch Newport” is in the shop being jetted, and timed to perfection.


Re: 1983 Suzuki fa 50

Both hoses run through the frame and attach to the petcock inside the frame .

Pull the petcock off to see ...

And , put the stock air filter on . They don't run well without .

Re: 1983 Suzuki fa 50

Chris Henige /

If you take the petcock off the nipples are marked.

Yours is probably different than mine.

My FZ50:

RES - front - goes to bottom nipple on tank

ON - top - goes to top nipple on tank

OUT - at rear - goes to nipple on carb.

The other one goes to the back of the carb for vacuum.

Re: 1983 Suzuki fa 50

Douglas Mackinnon /

I just went through that on my scooter project last week. The top port on the tank is the regular, the bottom is the reserve. On the back of the petcock, reserve is marked the other would be regular.

Engine vacuum keeps the “on” port open to provide fuel to flow from regular to the outlet. During prime fuel flows from reserve line to outlet without vacuum. it is in the manual there’s a picture of it but it’s hard to tell which hoses which because it’s all in black and white and the hoses cross each other

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