Custom Targa LX. A55

Hm. So where do i start with this. nomore oil injection. Top tank removed and replaced with a 1 gal snow blower tank to the high rise bunny ears, bracketed and sturdy. Fuel lined straight into my mikuni. Bi turbo exhausted, pray painted in heat resisting silver. Tip wrapped in auto gauze for aesthetics. Head light upgraded to halogen chopper head. Im in the middle of a paint job and hacking these fucking shitty seat brackets that the lx comes with for the top tank. Then comes the chopper seat courtesy of treats. Got the red OURY grips, about to go on. Along with full dual sport tires..this will be fucking insane

Re: Custom Targa LX. A55

I'm trying to build a picture in my head using your description, but it just isn't happening. Post some pictures of the progess.

Re: Custom Targa LX. A55

My ig is juel_inkk its on my story, this threads bein fucky

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