1981 Yamaha MJ50 Towny

Hi All,

I'm new here. I found your forum after I decided to by a 1981 Towny, to restore over the coming months. I am hoping you can help me with a question. I notice when searching for parts I rarely see 1981 compatibility, it's always 1982. Are the 1982 Towny parts compatible with the 1981 for the most part? Is there a place online that specializes in this bikes parts?

Thanks for all your help!

Re: 1981 Yamaha MJ50 Towny

Terbo Speghetti /

Yeah the parts are the same, don't worry about model year at all with mopeds

Re: 1981 Yamaha MJ50 Towny

Treatland has some parts, but you can also get towny parts from suppliers like partzilla or even a yamaha dealer.

Re: 1981 Yamaha MJ50 Towny

Depends on what you need. There are some parts that are Towny specific. Transmission comes to mind, but a lot of the other engine related stuff is the same as a QT50 or PW50.

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