Random Treatland shit

Eric Whatley /

I guess I am now one of the chosen few to receive random shit in my Treatland delivery. This kinda dirty usedish looking t shirt. No tag but it looks like my size and I guess I think I'm going to start wearing it.


Re: Random Treatland shit

Inspired by ..."The Outfield".

Re: Random Treatland shit

I just recieved a vhs tape that says reality bites from treats

Re: Random Treatland shit

I was at a rally one time without a bag, the next order I made there was a messenger bag. It was a bit beat up, but hey it was free. I actually used it a lot and have no idea where it went.

Re: Random Treatland shit

Just got a box with the Victoria Secret tape... wife saw it and had the same questions as reported by a lot of people here when their boxes arrive with that pink tape.

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