Yearly mileage

I had my moped on the road about a year now, (78 Puch Newport) and put about 500 miles on it. Just wondering how many miles a year everybody else is doing. I use this moped to go to the food store alot, you would be surprised at how much groceries a moped can carry. Over the past year I think I took my car twice to the food store, only because I knew the stuff I was buying would never fit on the moped.

I live in NJ and plan on driving in the snow, and every other type of weather. Probaly any weather under 20 degrees I would take the car, but in NJ we probaly have less than 20 days a year under 20 degrees.

Happy Mopeding.


RE: Yearly mileage

Simon King /

I put about 2500 miles on my moped this summer - roughly 5 months. I know that Bill put about 1000 on his in two weeks -- which is crazy!

I always wonder how well moped spedometers work? Plus, lots of 'peds i know the spedometer works some of the time, but not all -- so it's not too acurate.

RE: Yearly mileage

also keep in mind (so i'm told) that the odometer reading is in kilometers even though the speedometer is in mph. at least that's how it was on all the mopeds speedos i've checked out (tomos, motobecane, derbi, puch). i was thinking that maybe it was just something they used to do but on tom's 2000 tomos targa lx it's that way.

1km = .62 miles

as for how many km i average on my ped. that all depends on the week really. just this past saturday me and tom from above rode to philadelphia from bethlehem, pa (which is about 50 miles give or take 10 miles) and back. which is prolly the furthest we've ridden straight. a lot of it depends on the weather too. it was cold as a cold hell that day. i can't give a figure because as simon said like most mopeds my speedometer is currently disconnected. one day it just decided it would start whistling and bouncing the speedo needle all over after reaching 25-30mph. and since i myself can't whistle we just had to disconnect that. yeah.

RE: Yearly mileage

i've put on one thousand miles in just over two months. i guess us kzoo kids tend to run our mopeds lots and lots! ;-)

RE: Yearly mileage

The Free Mosquito /

I have had my bike about two months and have logged 1600 km so i guess thats about 1000 miles - no that cant be right - that would mean im addicted !!!


RE: Yearly mileage

This summer I'm planning a 3 week moped trip with more than 3,500 miles to go.

Yikes! More info in the "Moped trip" topic in Moped Sightings forum.

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