how much does a ciao cost?

What does a Piaggio Ciao cost in dollars? I mean a NEW (2000 or 1999 model) Ciao, not the older ones. I'm looking to get one and don't want to be swindled. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

RE: how much does a ciao cost?

Most newspapers have in their Business Section the current exchange rate for the more popular currencies.

Also some retail type websites have a currency converter where you enter the amount and tell it which currency to change it to.


RE: how much does a ciao cost?

Simon King /

Which brings the question to: How much is a caio in italy?

RE: how much does a ciao cost?

Well Miguel..

.a Whopper combo can be had for $3.49

..Sizzler has the Steak Platter for $6.99 including dessert.

..In Italy I'm sure they have a pasta special that's very

reasonably priced for a good chow.

(running for cover now)

RE: how much does a ciao cost?

i don't even know what a ciao costs in italy. the price is NOT on the piaggio website.

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