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"AHOY" Mopedeers,

The family and I just got back from vacation from a trip down the Chesapeake Bay to Virginia Beach. I took the moped on the boat this time and it worked out great.

I secured it well at the the stern for the voyage by crossing two ratchet straps from the docking cleats to the front forks and the cargo carrier, then I put ball bungees on the brake levers to stop any rolling, the waves on the bay can become huge if the wind kicks up.

We only had one small storm and it rode it well, but the sea spray was a bitch...the first fuel stop I cleaned it with fresh water and covered it with WD40 and a poly tarp.

It was really handy to have it along, I used it at some of the ports we stopped at to go supplies shopping, my son used it for "beach babe hunting"....and even my wife took a cruise.

The only hassle was lifting the damn thing over the "gunnels"...(the sides of the boat), I had to pick it up to chest high to my son who was on the dock...and the pedal smacked me in the nads once so I removed them,(the pedals).

Most marinas had dock hands to help with lines and fueling, so we could easily hand it to them and start moped conversations. Most were students with summer jobs there that seemed interested in my moped...or chit-chating for a bigger tip, that was ok too, I was young once.

I was checking out what the other boaters were riding..mostly those fold-up bicycles, electric scooters, and I saw a few minibikes and some boaters were checking out my ped, so I kinda spread the moped word nauticaly.(sp)

The trip was enjoyable and memorable (I have a small oil stain on the teakwood deck to remind me) :(

Next time I'll just rent a ped......less hassle.

and NO!!!, I ain't the Moped Navy!

Swim and Deploy!


Re: moped on a boat

the first moped navy... haha, think of all the peds that fly overseas.... a moped air force?

glad you had a good trip


Re: moped on a boat

david f martin /

Good post!


Re: moped on a boat

I dunno I kinda thought you might be a cake boy...

nah j/k lol...

I'm glad to see other people that enjoy boating too.

I have been working on a 21 foot welcraft for about 2 weeks now... It was my girlfrineds fathers for a long time.. just a secondary old boat.. he has a donzi too.. he was gonna sell it but I showed alot of intrest in it and he told me if i wanted to fix it up he would buy anything i needed for it and I could use it as my own.. he just was gonna sell it beccuase he didn't ever use it. It was an awesome deal so im taking full advantage of it. I'm working on re-wireing it all up and stull. i just refinsihed all the teek wood and completly did the trailor. I got a nice new seat.. man those dman captains chairs are nice.. but cost like 300 bucks.. looks just like a folding lawn chair only its got whit padding.. anyways

I love the 2 stroke on it.. I have been messnig around with it alot.. it had a huge (mercury 125) on it that was just way to much motor for it.. it road really aweful.. I just put a johnson 88 hp on it that seems to do the trick.. (still goes 40-45)

I am having problems with it planing right though.. i had to put a spacer on it to try and level the boat just behind the motor but I am thinking i will need trim fins too... still rides a lil high.

I plan on going scallopping in a week or so.. its alot of fun

I like your idea.. my boat would look awesome with a moped too.. I might have to try it.. haha

Moped navy huh?

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