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So I have this beautiful mint Puch Newport e50 moped that the sticker on the side says "1HP". So that would mean a top speed of around 20mph. But here's the thing....it actually tops out (flat road) between 28-32mph and can actually hold that speed. Everything looks 100% bone stock original on it yes I looked it over somewhat trying to solve this mystery. Can anyone please explain this? I'm not complaining about it one bit I think its nice to have decent top speed on this 1 horse bike (edited)

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

It's a 1.5 hp they resistricted the pipe and the carb so it was serviced and got a carb upgrade. The pipe just needs 2 holes drilled into the restrictor

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classic carl jepsen /

Not enough information, but.. two brand-new as of dawn of the 1970's - Puch "Maxi SPORT" and Peugeot arrived with 3 HP motors.

My impression , given either could "chirp" belt ... is that 3 honest 2-T HP was about all the power a "featherweight" 103 could put to work "combined loading".

1 HP or more would prolly just slip the belts more often?

By comparison, "nominal" Tomos 2hp can use all of their as much as 3 or so HP, given that (at least) their drivetrains loaded at only about half their max capacity.

Now ..... if YOUR Puch moped........???

.. happens to be running off a 1/3 HP motor from a scrapped 1954 wringer clothes washer?


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Probably Fred /

I can’t tell you how many 1HP1 and two speed bikes I had but under certain conditions when they’re like 12 o’clock at night when there’s no wind they topped out at 30 pending speedometer

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

E50 isn't variated it's 1 speed.

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Thomas Peffer /

The sticker on the bike says "1HP". It is an e50 1 speed. Anyways these speeds of 28-32mph were obtained on a flat road 80 degrees outside in the daytime with very little wind. Gearing is 13/45 on it btw which is stock for a 1 horse model. Guess I got lucky with this bike

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> Thomas Peffer Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Guess I got lucky with this bike

Maybe a PO did a bit of 'invisible' performance work . ;)

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Beach Club Nick /

It sounds like a PO put that sticker on it to make it legal in Ohio, as technically speaking anything over 1 HP isn't legally a moped

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